All The Rappers’ Johnsons: Low Blows OnThe Gossip Game

Last night’s episode of The Gossip Game was pretty action-packed with Drama and Vivian’s disagreements, but there was a moment during the show that we don’t want to get overshadowed by all that yelling. K. Foxx vs. Ebro, y’all… how do you feel about him “joking” about her being intimate with the artists she interviews?

So here’s what went down. After K. Foxx reported a story about someone who looked like Joe Budden dropping trou during Hot 97’s morning show, Ebro was all “word is you’ve seen all the rappers’ johnsons,” and followed it up by saying “word is that’s how you got your job too!”

You can hear the record screech, right? Not only is Ebro her co-host on the show, but he’s also her boss. Radio is of course entertainment, but is that right for him to say to her, as a co-worker, friend, or superior?

Immediately offended, the incident escalated and led to K. Foxx cursing at Ebro in the station office, making her look equally, if not more, out-of-pocket. Makes us wonder what would Angela Yee have done in this position, especially since being a woman in an industry full of dudes can be tough to swallow. Watch the clip and weigh in on the poll below!

Was Ebro Wrong To Slander K. Foxx On-Air?

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