The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Hit The Floor Star Taylour Paige

We know Taylour Paige as bright-eyed, Devil Girl legacy, Ahsha, on our new (and incredible, if we do say so ourselves) scripted series, Hit The Floor. After watching  Monday night’s episode we know that besides being gorgeous, Taylour has some seriously fierce moves! On Hit The Floor, Ahsha made waves on the dance floor earning a coveted spot on the Devil Girls squad. And, Taylour is no stranger to dancing court side. That’s right, she was a LA Laker Girl in 2010, but gave it up to pursue her passion for acting and luckily landed a role that provides the best of both worlds.We wanted to find out more about the real woman who brings Ahsha to life, so we gave her The Scoop treatment. From her personal favorite dance craze to her weirdest food craving, find out the nine things you never knew about Taylour Paige!

Read on to watch some of our favorite Taylour (and Ahsha) moments from the Hit The Floor premiere!

Taylour gives us the scoop on her character, Ahsha and provides her commentary on the premiere:

After the final round of Devil Girl auditions, it is down to Ahsha and Peyton for the final spot. Ahsha handles the moment with grace and class:

Still want more from Taylour and Ahsha? Watch our web-exclusive spotlight:

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