Stevie TV Episode Five: When Flea Market Fiends And Hip-Hop Heads Collide

It’s Saturday, which means some of you will likely be heading out to the farmer’s and/or flea market to pick up a weekly supply of sustainable goodies and accessories to further prove your individuality. Understanding this is an important part of the zeitgeist, and sharing our undeniable love for 2 Chainz, Stevie Ryan set out to prove that the two worlds are more alike than you think. Presenting our favorite moment from this week’s Stevie TV: “I’m Vintage”

While Tauheed Epps marks his uniqueness with leopard, multiple necklaces, and a signature convertible, Stevie’s vintage (not hipster) girl loves making dresses out of flea market fabric and slapping the behinds of middle aged Asian men. It was tough competition, what with the “mean tweets” of Beliebers, Gomeziacs, and the lone Clay Aiken fan left on the planet, but we’re hip-hop heads at heart.

Are you practicing your pole dancing like Jelly? Planning your next flea market visit? Let us know which sketch was your favorite in the comments below.

Catch the season finale of Stevie TV on Friday, July 12 at 10/9 C.

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