Two Dollar Ho: Joseline’s True Feelings About The “Smashed Da Homie” Video

Joseline and Stevie had their ups and downs with Benzino this season, but when Benzino (a.k.a. Zino Grigio) put out his “Smashed Da Homie” video featuring a Joseline lookalike, it seemed like the relationship hit an all-time low. The video was a hot topic on last night’s episode and all was forgiven, but when we spoke to Joseline at the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion recently, she had plenty more to say on the matter.

According to Joseline, there’s no way Benzino could have made this video sober. “Benzino must’ve had a wild party night. One of those nights — we all have them. Probably stayed up all night, didn’t sleep for two or three days, couldn’t be in his right brain, and I think he just decided to go ahead and do that, he wanted attention,” she tells us. And as for the woman he used who looks like her? “I’m the baddest bitch out here, you need to be trying to do a video about me. But next time, get somebody that look like me, and not somebody that look like a f—ing two-dollar ho. SORRY!”

By the way, there are about ten off-topic quotes in this clip that we feel the need to point out, which have nothing to do with Benzino. Keep your ears open for the moment she says she’s an international superstar who’s “thinking about when I’m going to Paris,” and how she defines her relationship with Stevie by saying “we are really cool friends,” those are our favorites. And watch till the very end for the best facial reaction of all time. If she ever decides music isn’t her thing, we’d beg her to try a career in comedy.