Scrappy Says He Still Loves Erica And Then Uses New Math To Break Down Who’s Responsible For The Breakup

It has to be hard to have your engagement broken off on national television and to watch the woman you once loved prepare to pawn her ring and call the cops on you. But Scrappy has no hard feelings for Erica, as he explains in this clip from Monday night’s Very VH1 after show. “Like I always say, ’cause this is real, I love her, she’s a good person..[but] she’s gonna do her and I’m gonna do me,” Scrappy tells a fan who wants to know how he’s feeling about his ex. The best part though is Scrappy’s breakdown of who is responsible for the breakup. “It’s kind of fifty-fifty. Or seventy five-fifty. Like I feel like seventy five percent, yeah. But then there’s a whole ’nother thirty that’s in there that, you know…everybody got their faults. Know what I’m saying?” Sort of! Mostly that math was not your subject.

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