VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Hit The Floor End With A Bang!

The season finales of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Hit The Floor were filled with so many shocking twists and turns! With Stevie J’s “dual proposal” (or so it seemed) to Joseline and Mimi on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and all the cliffhangers on Hit The Floor, VH1’s Monday night line-up really saved the best for last!

On Hollywood Exes we met the newest ex-wife to join the ladies, Shamicka Lawrence while on Couples Therapy, Flavor Flav faced off against Joe Francis. From season finales to showdowns, VH1 kept the excitement all week long. But which show still has you up in arms? Check out our favorite moments from the past week.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Stevie Gives Both Joseline and Mimi A Ring

Did you see this coming?! Stevie J is known for saying and doing some outrageous things (are you on the Stevie J bus?), but this is something we never expected. We feel bad for Joseline because not only did she just have her heartbroken, but she is completely embarrassed and devastated. However, after all the negativity and heartbreak Stevie J and Joseline put Mimi through, it was awesome to see Mimi have the last laugh. What a shocking way to end season two!

Hit The Floor: Sloane Plans To Avenge Oscar

The season finale was filled with so many jaw-dropping moments it was difficult to pick just one! This scene really stood out and sets the stage for Season 2. With Sloane as the new director of the Devil Girls, we learn her personal agenda – protect Ahsha but also get back at Oscar for all the harm he has done. We know he has hurt Mia, but has he also hurt Sloane? We CANNOT wait to see what the next season of Hit The Floor will bring!

Hollywood Exes: Meet Shamika Lawrence

This week we met the newest addition to the cast, Shamika Lawrence. Through Shamika’s conversation with Nicole, we learn about Shamika’s past and her relationship with Martin Lawrence. During this hard time, we’re glad that Shamicka will have the rest of the exes to support her.

La La’s Full Court Life: Po and Her Dad Make A Fresh Start

As we learned throughout the episode, Po has never really had a relationship with her father. Watching Po begin to cry when speaking to her father for the first time in years was truly heartbreaking. Finally after Po walks out, her dad apologizes for failing her as a father and the two decide to work on rebuilding their relationship. We wish them the best of luck as the begin this new chapter together.

Couples Therapy: Flavor Flav vs. Joe Francis

We’re not sure who to side with on this one. On one hand, we understand Joe’s complaints about Liz and Flavor Flav’s shenanigans being disruptive to the therapy process. However, we don’t think that interrupting the announcement of Liz’s pregnancy was not the right place to unleash all that bottled up anger. Whose side are you on – #TeamFlav or #TeamJoe?

Were you surprised with Stevie J’s “dual proposal”? What do you think will happen with Sloane as the new director of the Devil Girls? Was Joe right to call out Flavor Flav? Share your thoughts and comments, below!

What Was Your Favorite VH1 Moment This Week?