Watch The Must-See Moments From Tonight’s Marrying The Game

Tonight’s episode of Marrying the Game was all about three very important things:

  • Co-parenting
  • Tiffney’s need for a “refined thug”
  • The very sexual eggplant emoji – who knew?!

If one thing is clear from tonight’s – and every night’s – ep, it’s that Tiffney and Jayceon are amazing parents. They are killing it at co-parenting (and must have said that word a bajillion times in under thirty minutes). Whether it was the adorable trip with Tiffney to the bookstore, to Game’s cupcake-fueled declaration of “Super Dad Time,” putting their kids first comes naturally to the couple. Like, who cried when Game told Harlem and Justice that they were his best-friends? Me, that’s who. I cried. And I know you did too.

But neither of them quite knows where to put their relationship. Tiffney is on the hunt for an answer, texting Jayceon and sending mutual pal Daphne Wayans to dig up some answers. After drinks with her sister, during which Tiffney decides she wants a “refined thug,” she finds herself face to face with Game, who shows up to talk after not responding to her text. And while they tried to figure out an answer to the always-frustrating “what are we?” question, the rest of us learned that Game likes to send sexy text messages using the eggplant emoji. According to him it can either mean “Let’s go take a ride and get some sushi” or “I want to knock your boots.” That is the definition of blurred lines, huh?