La La’s Full Court Life Episode 6: Let’s Go To The Met

This week on La La’s Full Court Life, La La has one enviable opportunity, that is, to go to the Met Costume Gala, and one unenviable task, that is, to lose five pounds in order to fit into the dress she’s wearing to said event.

To make the weight loss journey slightly more fun, she and Dice, who also wants to lose some weight, make a bet to see who can lose the most in a week. Because, as Po says to La La, “You’re not at your best.” Actually, everyone in La’s circle has a way with words, because not only is Po incredibly direct, but so is her stylist, Jason. Jason goes so far as to tell Po he doesn’t like her profile — it’s one thing to tell someone they need to lose weight, it’s another to tell them you don’t like their face, am I right?

First, they attempt to lose weight the old-fashioned way, by working out with Game, the rapper turned fitness guru whose 60 Days Of Fitness workout plan has helped La La get in shape in the past. His bootcamp is no joke.

Dice loses the week-long bet and doesn’t lose a single pound, so La tells her one surefire way to drop a couple instantly is to get a colonic. Dice. Colonic. Hilarity ensues.

When it comes time for La La to actually get into that Zac Posen dress she needed to get into, it’s nothing that a crowbar, some Vaseline, and her glam team can’t help her with.

The moment of truth is here, and she has done it. And she looks spectacular.

It gives us hope that even those of us with a secret stash of chocolate in our purse and a lust for frosting (with or without cake) can look as good as La La does. Now all we need is an invitation to the Met Ball ourselves.
[Photo: Getty Images]