Watch An All-New Very VH1 Tonight At 10PM ET With Suzie Ketcham

On Basketball Wives, Suzie Ketcham always speaks her mind (even when it gets her in trouble), which is why we’re so excited that she’s joining us tonight for a brand-new installment of our live after-show, Very VH1. After last week’s episode, Suzie definitely disagreed with Tami Roman’s advice for their pal Evelyn, and this week she finds herself in another outspoken situation when it comes to the new cast member, Tasha Marbury. Tonight will be your opportunity to ask Suzie yourself how she feels about the ladies and the situations they’re dealing with on season three, so get your questions ready!

Tune in to the viewer below on Monday, August 26 at 10PM ET to watch the show. Be sure to click on the comment icon in the upper right hand corner to participate in the chat. Remember, it’s an interactive experience, so you can hop on camera to ask a question or comment, too.

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