From Drab To Fab: 10 Of The Biggest VH1 Celebrity Makeovers

  • Joseline

  • Somaya Then Now

  • Laura

  • Mama Jones Makeover

  • Royce

  • Tami

  • Jim Jones

  • Chrissy

  • Gloria Makeover

  • Kimbella Makeover

Sometimes it takes a season or two of seeing oneself of TV to realize that you might need to step up your style game or hire a glam squad. Or maybe you just feel like changing your look for the hell of it. Everyone’s allowed to evolve, and we found ten examples of some of our favorite VH1 stars who have completely changed their style since they first arrived on our TV sets.

Whether it’s a significant weight loss, like Somaya Reece, a new wardrobe and weave, like Joseline, or completely cutting off your signature braids, like Jim Jones did back in 2011, there have been some shocking makeovers through the years. Here’s our list of the top ten most impressive ones.