Very VH1: Where’s The Instagram Message That Got Dutchess Mad At Sassy On Black Ink Crew?

Answer: It does not exist. According to Sassy and Puma, who joined us last night for Very VH1 after Black Ink Crew, Dutchess claimed she was upset that Sassy trash-talked her on Instagram, and that’s why she started a rumor about Sassy and Ted. But in reality, there was no Instagram message at all.

“I’m gonna tell you exactly what she was mad about,” Puma explains. “She was made because they asked us, ’Will Ceaser and Dutchess’s relationship ruin Black Ink?’ What did me and Sassy say? YES. And NO.”

“Depending on how it goes,” Sassy adds. There was nothing, she says, that she hadn’t told Dutchess to her face. Sassy also mentions that she and Dutchess have a conversation on next week’s episode to figure things out…but will they? It sure doesn’t sound optimistic.