Basketball Wives Sneak Peek: This Trip Will Be Drama-Free

The ladies of Basketball Wives are finally in London, and despite the tension between some of them, Suzie declares, “This trip will be drama-free!” Except that it won’t.

The plan, for Suzie and Tasha at least, was to ignore one another but Tasha’s not doing a very good job of it, and during their car ride from the airport, she’s on attack mode, taking jabs at Suzie being “off her meds.”

“I liked you at first but then…you’re just a little too stuck up,” Suzie tells Tasha. All this while they’re still trapped in a car. UnCOMfortable! Luckily, Tami speaks for all of us when she tells the two bickering women “I can’t with this conversation!” Tune in Monday night at 8PM ET/PT to see if the fighting escalates or if they take a lesson from our well-mannered friends across the pond and work things out.