Black Ink Crew Episode Five: Mating Season

If you build it, they will come. And if you decide to open your own business after 15 years of friendship, your former employer will consider it a betrayal–at least on Black Ink Crew.

We’ve heard talk of Puma wanting to open his own shop ever since he and his dreadlocks walked out of Black Ink on the season premiere, and his decision to announce his new venture in front of friends and family officially put the wheels in motion. Will his friendship with Ceaser ever be the same after word spreads to his former employer? And will Teddy Ruks and his various women EVER be allowed in a New York City restaurant again? Panties and fine dining don’t mix.

Tonight’s episode saw former Black Ink employees celebrating their new freedom, and Teddy’s unorthodox way of dating blowing up in his face. But were they the best moments of the hour? Check out our picks, below.

Puma’s Big Announcement

Using a night in the spotlight to his advantage, Puma tells the crowd at VIBE’s Harlem Rising event that he’s opening up his own tattoo shop, Ink 124. Word has already gotten around to Dutchess and Ceaser, who genuinely seemed crushed by the news. Despite their different ideas of who’s responsible for Black Ink’s prosperity (Cease says Puma ran it into the ground; Puma says he’s the one responsible for hiring Walt and O’S**t) Teddy doesn’t seem to thrilled by the news (in his words, it’s a “bitch move”). Is this the Year of the Puma, or the beginning of an even bigger feud between the long-time friends?

Black Ink Welcomes The Celebrities

Ceaser might be worrying about Black Ink’s future, but for now, customers are still coming through the doors. And famous ones at that! Two notable clients crossed the threshold of Black Ink tonight: Jadakiss, the rapper who reminds us that cocky and confident are two different things, and Tyshawn Taylor, point guard for the Brooklyn Nets. Who cares if O’S**t is a Knicks and Bulls fan? As long as he can count, right?

While Taylor displays the potential notoriety S**t can gain for his work, and what he could become should his legal troubles miraculously vanish, Jada reminds Ceaser about the importance of friendship even in times of trouble. Are both of these visits just interesting coincidences, or will our favorite artists think back to these fateful meetings in the future?

Teddy Drives Women Wild

And we thought O’S**t had it bad. Ted finds himself in a bad way at S**t’s birthday pool party, when his new “situation” Ashley is confronted by his former fling India, and recent date/spontaneous public bathroom companion, Sky. It’s clear Ted has necessarily spoken fondly of India to Sky (or spoken at all) and this causes her to erupt. Despite the shouting, pushing, and shoving, Teddy still thinks it’s “dope” to have three different women fighting over him. At least O’S**t didn’t seem to care that his birthday was overshadowed by Ted’s lady troubles? This is what you get when you post a party invitation to Twitter, folks. Final verdict: Ashley kept her cool and her clothes. She’s a keeper.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Is Puma wrong for opening his own shop? Is Dutchess the problem at Black Ink? Should Teddy be more careful with his multiple women? Is “moisture” all it’s cracked up to be? Let us know in the comments below.