Black Ink Crew: Babies On Board

Baby Mama Drama is a term used all too frequently on Black Ink Crew. Between the various women in O’S**t’s life fighting during a family outing, and Ceaser going to court in Season One, we’ve witnessed real struggles that trump those nasty shop rumors or employee tardiness. And now, it looks like the group is going to need to prepare for two more bundles of joy entering the fold.

After Walt told Cease about his mounting child support debt and impending child, O’S**t chimed reveals to Dutchess, that, oh yeah, he recently got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. If you’ve been keeping track, S**t already has a son and a daughter, leading Dutch to proclaim there must be, “something in the water at Black Ink.” Will the latest news go over well with O’S**t’s family? Who’s in the bigger pickle here? Do you think all this baby talk is making Dutchess and Ceaser think about expanding their own empire?

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