Cyn And Chipotle: A Match Made In Burrito Heaven

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Cyn Santana has been on two episodes of Love & Hip Hop so far, and in each one, she’s mentioned her love of Chipotle. When Erica tried to take her on a fancy date in episode three, Cyn joked that she was out of her comfort zone because it wasn’t at a Chipotle. In tonight’s episode, Erica surprised her new love with a picnic lunch of burrito bowls and Cyn’s response was “I f—ing LOVE it!” You would think with this much product integration, Chipotle would be paying Cyn but no, she’s just a serious fan. How serious? Um, her Twitter feed is basically a one-woman Chipotle fan club. (And girl, we feel you. Note this author’s Twitter handle. I’ll gladly join you for lunch any day.)

Read on for some exclusive details about her favorite things to order, and what Erica thinks of her girlfriend’s addiction.

Erica told us that if there’s one thing that’s a sure bet to make Cyn happy, it’s a gift card to Chipotle. “Honestly, she got so many gift cards and every gift card she got she was like ’Oh my Goddd!'” she says, laughing at how excited Cyn gets about them.

Cyn’s favorite assembly-line dish? “She gets a burrito bowl all the time, or a steak burrito with everything on it and extra mild sauce, and a Patron margarita,” Erica says. Check out our hilarious gallery of Cyn and her other true love, aside from Erica. (Okay, okay, the pic above was all Photoshop, but everything else in the gallery comes straight from her own page.)

[Photo: Getty Images/VH1]