Saigon On His Fight With Erica, Paternity Tests, And Why He Takes Advice From Peter Gunz

On tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, Saigon steps up and admits that he was dead wrong to come at Erica Jean and criticize her parenting. That particuar fight turned especially nasty, and we asked him to elaborate a little bit on how he feels seeing that fight play out. “If my mother was alive, and she seen me talk to the mother of my child like that, she would smack earth, wind, fire and ice outta me,” he tells us. We also wanted to know how Saigon could run to Peter Gunz so often for advice knowing that Peter’s own personal life is so messy. Read on for Saigon’s answers to those questions as well as his reaction to his paternity test, in our interview below.

A lot of people wonder why you go to Peter for advice so often, given his own messy situations.

Look, me and Peter’s friendship extends way before Love & Hip Hop, for the past ten years we’ve been friends, and he’s older than me, and he’s wise, so I do get a lot of wisdom from Peter, not just about my family but about life. Peter comes from a lineage of guys who’ve lived the street life and who learn from their mistakes, so I’m accustomed to going to Peter for advice. Not saying I’m gonna take it all the time, but he’s a person I consider wise. So when I found out about Peter’s dynamic, we never talked — we don’t go as deep about what’s going on in your bedroom or house, I didn’t even know he was seeing Amina, much less married. I just thought she was his artist, that was he jist of that until Love & Hip Hop when I found out he was married to her, and I was like what the f—, bro? If you watch the show you see I’m like, nah, bro, this is some advice I wouldn’t take.

As far as paternity, I had been asking Erica about that, saying let’s establish paternity, not for me or you but for our son. We hooked up. Being honest. We wasn’t in a relationship. I never even seen a picture of Erica pregnant, I didn’t see her in person while she was pregnant, and I didn’t meet my son until he was eight months old, so it was almost like a stork knocked on my door with a baby and you’re like, hold on!

So taking a test had been in your head even before he had mentioned it to you?

It came up and then I got attached to the kid and I fell back on it like I don’t wanna know, ’cause if he ain’t mine, he’s mine now. I actually told Erica, “Can we legally make him mine?” whether he’s mine or not. I was already saying even before we took the test that I wanted to find a way to legally make him mine. My daughter loves him, they believe they’re siblings, I love him, my family loves him, that’s why I was so hesitant to take the test, but my family was like yo, don’t be one of those guys where you find out too late and end up heartbroken.

How did you feel watching the scene of you and Erica fighting in the parking lot?

I hate watching that scene, I can’t even watch it. When it comes on, I turn on SportsCenter. Because if my mother was alive, and she seen me talk to the mother of my child like that, she would smack earth, wind, fire and ice outta me. Regardless of what Erica does, that’s the mother of my child, you don’t talk to her like that. I had to learn that the hard way. I’m rough around the edges, and Erica is as well. She’s not the kind of lady who’s not combative. When you fight fire with fire it gets bigger. Not to shift blame on her because I definitely was wrong about, first of all, my son is young, and I’m sitting there with certain benchmarks in my head from being a parent already and thinking of where he should be. Ever child is different. Even when we did go get therapy for my son after that scene, even the doctors were saying he’s actually too young for us to even test. I’m a hypochondriac. The kid sneezes and I want to take him to the doctor. I’m trying to be like, super-parent. I might have watched too much Cosby Show.

[Photo: Colin Gray for VH1]