VH1 Fashions Of The Week: The Coats Are Off

  • bigang

    Big Ang [Photo: Instagram]

  • cyn-santana

    Cyn Santana [Photo: Instagram]

  • denise-vasi

    Denise Vasi [Photo: Instagram]

  • emilyb-teairramari

    Emily B [Photo: Instagram]

  • erica-dixon

    Erica Dixon

  • erica-mena

    Erica Mena [Photo: Instagram]

  • evelyn-lozada

    Evelyn Lozada [Photo: Instagram]

  • farrah-abraham

    Farrah Abraham [Photo: Instagram]

  • gloria-govan

    Gloria Govan [Photo: Instagram]

  • jennifer-williams

    Jennifer Williams [Photo: Instagram]

  • Kelsey

    Kelsey [Photo: Instagram]

  • kimbella

    Kimbella [Photo: Instagram]

  • kmichelle

    K. Michelle [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • laura-govan

    Laura Govan (with NeNe Leakes) [Photo: Instagram]

  • malaysia-pargo

    Malaysia Pargo [Photo: Instagram]

  • mimifaust

    Mimi Faust [Photo: Instagram]

  • mommadee

    Momma Dee [Photo: Instagram]

  • nicole-murphy

    Nicole Murphy (with Tichina Arnold) [Photo: Instagram]

  • nya-lee

    Nya Lee [Photo: Instagram]

  • shaniece-hairston

    Shaniece Hairston [Photo: Instagram]

  • shay-johnson

    Shay Johnson [Photo: Instagram]

  • tahiry

    Tahiry [Photo: Instagram]

  • yandy-smith

    Yandy Smith [Photo: Instagram]

  • tarawallace

    Tara Wallace [Photo: Instagram]

In this week’s fashion roundup, clearly everyone got over the cold and decided to throw those freakum dresses back on. Much of that has to do with the last week being Grammy weekend and this whole week leading up to the SuperBowl. Whatever, let’s just be happy there’s not a single coat to be seen in this gallery. Don’t get too cocky about it, though. Who knows when this polar vortex will be back to troll us.