What Made Steven Tyler Break Down In Tears?

When Linda Perry revealed that her wedding band was actually made up of some of the greatest voices of the 1980s, it sounded like the best party we’ve never been to. The kicker to her musical wedding? Her own version of John Lennon’s “Love,” which actually made wedding guest Steven Tyler cry.

“It’s such a beautiful song,” Linda explained. “At the reception we had a quartet and they were playing all ’80s songs. So I got up and sang ’Love’ with the quartet and she didn’t know I was gonna do that.”

“I could see she was going there, teary-eyed,” Linda says of Sara’s reaction to her performance. “I guess Steven Tyler just admitted on her show [The Talk] yesterday that he cried when he heard me singing that.” This wedding has our emotions all over the place and we weren’t even there. We’re so happy for these two.

Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project premieres on VH1 this summer.