Boob Job or Nah: 15 VH1 Stars Who Threw Some D’s On It

  • BigAng

  • Dutchess

  • EricaMena

  • EvelynL

  • Joseline

  • JenWilliams

  • K.Michelle

  • Malaysia

  • Mimi-F

  • Somaya-Reece

    ***Somaya makes our list for getting a breast reduction not augmentation.

  • NyaLee

  • Drita

  • Suzi

  • Tiny

  • drayab&A

Is it just us, or has Mimi become a brand new woman since getting a new pair of boobies? The old Mimi with the cleaning service is long gone, now armed with a new pair of breasts we get sex tapes, porn contracts, a new man, a new attitude – and she isn’t the only one.

We witnessed Dutchess televise her plastic surgery from consultation to results. After catching Ceaser cheating, Dutchess checked in the hospital an A cup, and checked out sporting a brand new pair of “C”s.

Mimi and Dutch may be the few who have admitted to it, but they aren’t only reality starlets to go under the knife. We did some snooping and realized it isn’t at all uncommon for our girls either to come camera ready with new boobs in tow, or to start on a show a part of the itty-bitty-titty committee and by seasons 2 or 3 twirling with their new twins.

Check out our gallery of 15 ladies who threw some D’s on it.