#WhatDoYouMeme: Joseline Has A Slip Of The Tongue

SometimesJoseline and Stevie Jneed to get a room, and last night was one of those nights.

Before Stevie J and Joseline enjoy a meal and download on what been going on, they allude what will be on the menu for dessert when they get home. Joseline uses her sexy voice, sticks out her tongue, and talks about how it’s going to “go down,’ all while giving us a face that could be used as pretty hilarious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta meme.

And that’s exactly what we want you to do. We provide the photo, and you provide the funny. Screenshot or save this image, add a caption, and use the hashtag #WhatDoYouMeme on Instagram and Facebook, and we’ll post the best of the best on the VH1 blog. Ready? Set? Meme!



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