Vantage Point: Karlie Breaks Down Her View Of The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Fight

Want to know what the cast didn’t get a chance to say during Part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion special that aired?

We have the exclusive commentary dissecting the details and events that led up and followed the notorious Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fight, as seen from the various vantage points of several of the cast members.

Read how Karlie remembers it all from beginning to end.

I was sitting next to Stevie and Joseline. I can’t remember who was sitting next to me. But I remember Stevie had said something to me about ‘he’s hot.’ He’s like ‘I’m hot, are you hot Karlie?’ And then Joseline was like ‘I’m hot. Karlie, are you sure you not hot?’ And she was like, ‘Why you dressed up like that?’ I said ‘Come on, I do this.’ You know, I’m always dressed to the max. That’s just Karlie Redd. You know how I do. I’m always over-dressed. They always tell me they’re under-dressed but I’m always over-dressed. Better to be over-dressed, never under-dressed, right? I say ’I’m always over-dressed,’ she like ‘Yeah, you right.’

So they were still talking about how they’re hot, and then Benzino made a comment talking about something about drugs. That’s when Althea—Hoethea felt like she had to say something like, ‘Oh, yeah.’ Like her man was going to protect her. Anyway, so then it popped off. It is what it is. I was laughing. It’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. It’s us! We are wild. We are a wild crew. We wild. It’s just us.

Honestly, I only focus on me. [Laughs] I was only focused on me. Because at the end of the day—nobody cared, I don’t have a man up there to protect me. You know, Joc thinking about Miss Piggy, Benzino thinking about Hoethea, Stevie thinking about Joseline, Nikko thinking about Mimi. I’m alone, so I gotta make sure I’m good.

I reached out to Joseline, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of her. But I did reach out. I’ll probably see her. You know, we always hosting parties together, we always doing something. I’ll ask if she’s okay and she’s gonna tell me she’s fine. ‘Girl, I’m fine.’ Just like I’m saying I’m fine. I look at it like this—it is what it is. Nothing you can do about it. It happened, hey. It is what it is. Come on now. [laughs] I had a good time. I loved it.

Check out what the cameras captured below:

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