Tammy Says Why Joseline + Stevie Are Lucky Waka Wasn’t At The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion

Waka Flocka may be making news for a help wanted ad he placed for a professional blunt roller, but Tammy says her husband Waka would have really made news if he had been at the Season 3 Love & Hip Hop: Reunion.

After the fight Tammy and Joseline had at the reunion, many were left wondering what would’ve been different if the “No Hands” rapper was in attendance. Tammy finally speaks and tell her side of the story in detail, says what she’s the least proud of, and how Waka has dealt with the news since everything transpired:

VH1: It’s been a while since the fight went down during the reunion, give us details as to what really happened that day?
Tammy Rivera: The day was kind of already sketchy because what’s so crazy was I didn’t even want to be there. I had a problem with going out there without my husband. Not because of anybody else on that stage, but because my husband was the reason I was on that stage. Without him being able to be there, I was already uncomfortable. It’s called Love & Hip Hop, you understand what I’m saying? Hip hop. He is the main reason why I was there. So when I finally got out there, know that me and Joseline never communicate. But when I was sitting there, she comes walking across the stage as security was escorting her to the other side and she just looked at me with rage and was like, ‘I don’t like you either.’ So she tried to swing and I turned my head. My ponytail was like 30 inches long so she grabbed the ponytail. As soon as she grabbed the ponytail, it came off; I get up and I start swinging back. And it went from there. But she never connected; she never touched me.

So you didn’t see this coming at all?
No I didn’t. I was sitting next to Bambi and security went to take her to the other side, because I guess they were trying to separate Joseline from Althea. So it had nothing at all to do with me. She just looked at me with this rage, like a jealousy, just like ‘Oh b*tch you sittin’ pretty; let me come try to f**k you up.’ And don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a fuck how pretty I’m sitting, a b*tch ain’t gonna swing on me and Tammy not gonna get up and get to knock em back. Once she swung and as soon as I got up on my feet, I start tagging her a** back. Like one thing you’re not gonna do is come for me. And the reason I got so enraged was because, everyone saw from the season, me and Joseline’s beef was never that serious. It was not that serious for her to want to try to hit me for a conversation that happened months ago. You called me a broke b*tch; I called you a bum b*tch – we we argue. That was that.

And you had no type of interaction since that argument on the show?
We never had any interaction. I’ve never seen this girl, never called this girl. We never bumped heads. There was never communication between us. Ever. That’s why it was either some type of drug, or she had so much envy sitting in her, for her to come attack me like that. What did I do to her? I never did anything to her. I’m not intimidated by pretty women. I’m not intimidated by a b*tch that got her sh*t together. I feel like, the more, the merrier. I think what Joseline’s situation is she doesn’t like herself. For a woman to feel that they have to attack other women or come for other women, it’s because you really are insecure about yourself. As I stated in the beginning, when we had our, you interviewed me in the beginning of the season, it has to be something and it all confirms it. But I don’t know what’s wrong with her because when I see a video of her in the studio rapping my husband’s song while she was high as sh*t, so you’re high and you still manage to think about me and my husband. Yea, you have issues.

We saw you storm backstage after everything, at what point did you call Waka?
I actually didn’t even talk to Waka after. When I was so livid, but I’ve came a long way. I come from the projects. I still have family in the projects. I come from the trenches, from the dirt. But at the end of the day, you would never know. But what pisses me off is when a female feels as though I’m easy-going and I’m very open to people, that you can take my kindness for weakness. So when she came for me on that stage I lost it—I didn’t see anything but black. Only thing I could think was—revert back to what I know, coming up. You know what I’m saying? Only thing I saw was attack mode. The last time I saw a b*tch look at me with that much envy she had a razor and it was in high school. She tried to cut my face. So when I saw Joseline and I see the same envy in her eyes and the only thing I was thinking was b*tch I’m gonna get you before you get me. Point blank, period. So from that point, I was livid. It was nothing you could say to me. That’s when Tammy from Robis Park, from the hood, B-more Tammy, all of that came out. And I was pissed when I got in the car, and I got to reflect on everything because the only thing I could think of was my daughter. I would never want my child to see me going this crazy and looking like that. I don’t want these little girls that watch this show to see me looking crazy like that. That’s not what I am trying to portray.

But you eventually had to talk to your husband, what was his first response?
When I eventually talked to Waka, honestly speaking, I couldn’t even tell you what he said. This man—he was ready to go. And I felt bad because I have no problem with Stevie, but Stevie was going to end up getting his ass in some trouble behind his b*tch, because he can’t control her. And my husband not trying to hear, ‘Oh, it wasn’t me, it was my girl.’ He’s gonna go full war with any and everybody when it comes to his mother and his wife. So the only thing I could do was calm him back down, because once he gets in it, it’s not gonna go to TV, it’s gonna go to a whole other direction of street sh*t that I would never even…she’s not even worth my husband getting into that.

So is it safe to say, as far as retribution or revenge goes, you both have let it go?
I can say, as far as my end, I’ve let it go. But my husband? I can’t tell you if he runs into that man what’s gonna happen. I can’t tell you if one of his goons runs into him what’s going to happen. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen out there. That’s something I don’t get involved with. You understand what I’m saying? When Waka feels as though he has to protect his family, you can’t tell a man, just like you can’t tell your husband or your brother, ’Nevermind I’m good.’ They not trying to hear that.

Has fight made Waka feel differently about being a part of reality TV?
I think with him it’s like if—first of all, if Waka was there, let’s be clear, none of this would’ve ever happened. [laughs] None of that would’ve happened. And I think with him, he knew I could handle myself. Waka knows, he knows Tammy and he knows the other part of Tammy, so he already knows, when it comes down she can handle her own. But he will never—when I say it comes to me, Charlie, his mother—those are things that he will lose his life and his mind over. So even the fact that someone tried to touch me just makes chills go down his body. And you know, he’s lost so much this year, so the fact that someone is trying to harm me, to him he’s been through so much, it’s like you’re trying to take something else away from him. So they don’t understand; Joseline might have issues but my husband has bigger issues. It could really, really get very serious when it comes to that man and his family.

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