Just How Difficult Is It To Choreograph And Perform Those Drumline Drumming Sequences?

“Shooting the drum sequences are like, so intricate and detailed. My forearms are sore, I have callouses on my hands, it’s tedious because you have to do it multiple times from different angles. It’s HOT,” star of Drumline: A New Beat, Tye White says, discussing the challenges of performing on the field in the new film, which premieres October 27th.But it’s not totally miserable, because, as White continues, “I really wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Once you get strapped up and they yell ’Action!’ you get in the zone! You have this attitude where you’re ready to go!” co-star Jeff Pierre adds. And once the band is in motion, the music they create is incredible. Tune in at 9PM ET/PT on Monday, October 27th to check it all out in Drumline: A New Beat on VH1!