Nick Carter’s Family Strikes Again On I Heart Nick Carter, Episode 7

The regular girl getting married to a pop superstar has been the crux of I Heart Nick Carter but on tonight’s episode, drama between Nick Carter and his family came to a head reminding us just hard it is to grow up int he spotlight. First, Nick’s brother Aaron says he’ll probably be able to make Nick and Lauren’s wedding but he’ll definitely be running late.

Later Nick receives word that his mom Jane has gone on a Facebook rant about Nick. A regular occurrence for Nick, the Backstreet Boy is horrified to learn that his mother has taken to social media to blame Nick for the death of his sister, Leslie. A heartbroken Nick says that it’s so hurtful and embarrassing, he doesn’t even feel like the cameras should be filming. Ultimately, he and Lauren decide to keep shooting because it’s important to show the world how abusive Nick’s family has been to him.

Our hearts ache for Nick and hope that he’ll one day be able to put things behind him with his family. Tune in for the season finale of I Heart Nick Carter next Wednesday at 11 PM ET/PT to see how it all shakes out!

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