“A Lot Of Yelling, Screaming, Cursing, Bickering…”: Natalie Guercio Describes Season 5 Of Mob Wives

“My current relationship with Renee is nothing. We don’t have a relationship. We do not talk. She likes to talk about me…” Natalie Guercio says of her Mob Wives co-star-slash-rival. The two had a volatile relationship last season, and it appears that Natalie has managed to get under Renee and Karen’s skin a whole lot more this season. But fans of the sexy Philadelphia funeral home director can expect to see a much more personal side to her this season, too, “as opposed to that wild-child, take-no-s— girl from last year.” Can we just get this show on TV already????

Season five premieres on Wednesday, December 3 at 9PM ET/PT.