Christmas Baby: Pictures Of Kalenna Harper’s Growing Baby Bump

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VH1 chatted with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kalenna Harper about her pregnancy, her potential baby names and how she was feeling over the summer. Now, only a month away from her Christmas day due date, we had to catch up on the singer’s growing baby bump. Nothing is more beautiful than an expectant mother and we have the pictures of a glowing Kalenna, alongside husband Tony Vick and son Meshach, to prove it.

When we asked about potential baby names in July she said, “If it’s a girl I want to name her Savannah Elise and if it’s a boy I want to name him Noah. Those names mean so much to me. My cousin recently passed and her name was Elise. Savannah has always been a beautiful place to visit with so much history there. It reminds me of a princess name. And of course Noah, we all know the story of Noah. He was just a G.”

We can’t wait to see if it’s a Noah or a Savannah!

[Photos: VH1/Instagram]