‘Mob Wives’ Bonus Clip: Check The Convo Between Natalie And London Before Ang’s Party

This week on Mob Wives, Natalie and Karen came to blows over their internet beef while Natalie’s BF, London welcomed Karen and her man Storm. Natalie went off on London for not having her back and now, we understand a little more why.

Check this bonus clip where Natalie says that she and London have been fighting a lot lately but it’s really important to her that he stands by her now with all that’s going on between her and Karen and Renee.

London says he understands Natalie’s point-of-view but he doesn’t tell her she’s right so maybe it’s not too shocking that he tried to smooth things over with Karen. What do you think? Should London just do as Natalie says? Do you think this couple has each other’s back?

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