Does This Old School Scrappy Song Explain His Love Philosophy?

Does Lil Scrappy’s old school song “No Love” shed some light on the rapper’s love philosophy? The record from 2012, featuring Toccara, has lyrics that feel very reminiscent of Scrappy’s on-again, off-again relationship with Erica Dixon, as chronicled on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. What do you make of these lyrics:

You don’t throw away what we had, just like that
You leave a real n**** shawty I bet you come right back
And you say that I cheated in the past, that’s true
And in the future I did erythang you asked me Boo
Yeah I cheated and you cheated
But in the end, it’s in the wind baby where we meet
It’s not the end, we pretend…
And make this our little secret
Emotional roller coaster, the pain is almost over
The monkey is off my shoulder
I can’t find no love here

Do you think there’s potential Erica and Scrappy could get back together? Are he and Bambi in it until the end? Are Erica P and Shay out of the picture for good? Let us know your thoughts about Scrappy’s love life in the comments!

  • erica-scrappy

    Scrappy and Erica [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and Erica Scrappy and Erica [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and Erica [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy, Erica, Emani [Photo: Instagram]

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    Erica and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Shay and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and Bambi [Photo: Instagram]

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    Bambi and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and Bambi [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and Bambi [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and Bambi [Photo: Instagram]

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    Emani and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Emani and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Emani and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Emani and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Emani and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Erica, Momma Dee, Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Erica and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and Momma Dee [Photo: Instagram]

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    Momma Dee and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Shekinah and Scrappy [Photo: Instagram]

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    Scrappy and his niece [Photo: Instagram]

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  • chatting

    Scrappy stops by to tell his friend Erica Pinkett about he and Bambi’s miscarriage.

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    Erica seemed like she wanted to show Scrappy why they call her PINK-y.