Renee Fires Back To Natalie’s Claims That They Can Be Friends One Day

This season of Mob Wives has all the ladies feuding and the name Natalie being said nearly every five minutes. In a recent interview we did with with Natalie Guercio she told us how, in spite of their differences, she is hopeful she and Renee Graziano can become friends “eventually down the line.”

Renee read this interview and reached out to VH1 to address Natalie’s hope.

So, Renee, I know you read the interview we did with Natalie – what about it made you want to speak to us?

Renee: I just find it absolutely hilarious, to be honest, because in one part of her interview she’s trying desperately to say that she wants to make friends with me, and then a question later, ’I’m jealous’ of her. This ignorant girl has – she just can’t make up her mind. One second she says one thing and then she does another. I found it hilarious. I’m reading it and she says, ’Oh maybe me and Renee can make friends one day,’ and then in the next sentence I’m ’jealous of her.’ There’s an absolute disconnect in her brain that lets her have whole thoughts, rational thoughts, intelligent thoughts. First let me just say that there is no way, shape, or form that I will be friends with somebody who has done what she has done. I don’t have to explain myself anymore – I’m a 45-year-old grown woman and I do not have to explain myself.

There was a point, though, when you and Natalie were friends…

Renee: She was never my friend. She was a new girl that was introduced to the circle and I was trying to do the right thing by her. I was trying to groom her to be a specific – a person of more substance than she had. Someone with direction. Unfortunately for me, I was a bad judge of character and it backfired because she is obviously not a nice person.

If there’s no hope for a friendship, do you think you’ll find closure with her ever?

Renee: I think that’s something the fans will have to continue to watch to see how things develop between Natalie and I.

What do you make of new Natalie, Nat D? I see on Instagram that you two seem to be cool, are you friends?

Renee: The new Natalie and I – there’s no past friendship, there’s no past relationship. She’s new. You know, I’m open to getting to know somebody. I’m not a close door person. As time goes on we’ll see exactly who she is. She hasn’t done anything wrong, she’s very nice and respectful to me. As long as she continues to be nice and respectful to me, we’ll never have a problem and she’ll get the same for me. I think we can say that if no one has never done anything to hurt me I haven’t done anything in return – Karen has obviously been my friend since the very beginning of the show and you haven’t seen me and Karen have any issues because Karen is respectful of me and I’m respectful of her. That was the relationship I had with Angela until something was said. That was the relationship I had with Drita until something was said. That was the relationship I had with Carla until something was said. I’m loyal until you aren’t.

Do you ever get annoyed that new girls continue to get brought into your circle of friends?

I feel. [Sings] No new friends, no new friends. [Laughs] No, just I’m kidding. I don’t typically like outsiders and strangers although I will always be nice to people. I personally prefer the people that I know, that I have years with because I know more about them. When you don’t know somebody you don’t know their background, you don’t know their family. Angela and Drita are very friendly with Natalie Guercio even though they don’t know her mother’s name. They don’t know where she went to school, they don’t know her history so therefore they’re taking up for a person they don’t know. I prefer, if I’m going to take up for somebody, that I know you so I know who I’m defending.

What can you say about the argument with Ang? Are you guys in a good place now?

I personally will tell you I was shocked by everything that happened early on this season: how she behaved, how she took up for a complete stranger, how she went against me. She talked about me to this person who has tried to hurt me so badly. I was extremely hurt and that’s obviously where the remarks about her being a clown came from. It wasn’t meant in any other way.

See how Renee’s non-friendship with Natalie Guercio plays out on an all new Mob Wives tonight at 8/7c.