“Pause! Is Her Wig Still On?” The Cast Reacts To The Best Moments Of This Week’s ‘Love And Hip Hop’

Any time there’s a fight on Love & Hip Hop, we can’t wait to watch the Check Yourself episode to see how the cast feels now that they’ve had a little bit of distance and time to reflect on the situation. And guess what? Jhonni Blaze and Diamond Strawberry are both STILL pissed off at each other. The insults they hurl at each other in this clip as they watch their fight over Rich Dollaz play out are hilarious (“Look at the motherf—ing Grinch-that-stole-Christmas-looking-ass bitch!” might be our new favorite insult ever.) and just wait until Diamond gets right up in the camera to question Jhonni: “Pause! What did she just say? Is her wig still on???”