The Worst Dressed Celebs at the 2015 Met Ball

Kerry Washington, Katie Holmes, and more stars who missed the mark at the Costume Institute's annual bash.

Tonight is the Met Gala, the grandest night in fashion. And this year is tricky. See, the theme is “China: Through the Looking Glass.” We’re sure lots of attendees will look stunning, and lots will look…is culturally appropriationy a word? It should be. It will be after tonight.

Let’s take a look at the worst, WTFiest and “well…that’s actually kind of amazing” the night had to offer (Grace Coddington in pajamas!)

  • 1
    God, we’re gonna get killed for this, but Anna Wintour, girl, you’re in real danger of being eaten by your own sleeves.

  • 2
    And we officially have “White Girl with Chopsticks in her Hair #1.” Emma Roberts will probably not be the last. But at least her dress was gorgeous.

  • 3
    We’re not too sure how we feel about Katie Holmes (both with and in Zac Posen) wearing Anna Wintour on her head like this.

  • 4
    Oh my god, Diane Kruger, no. No. At least your love with Joshua Jackson is flawless.

  • 5
    Remember how our teen magazines would have those spreads with prom dresses and they were always hideous and there was always one with giant pants and weird two-pieces? I think that’s where Irina Shayk got this.

  • 6
    Was the Bedazzler invented in China? That’s the only way I’ll understand whatever it is Dylan Lauren is wearing here.

  • 7
    We need to talk about Kerry Washington. Because every single event, she slays from several angles, then inevitably you get the full view, it’s like “JESUS, OLIVIA. WHAT IS THIS?” This is one of those events. Back = slayage. Front = …I don’t even know.

  • 8
    Kris Jenner just came dressed as ’80s Kris Jenner.

  • 9
    Chloë Sevigny in east-meets-what.

  • 10
    Chloe Grace Moretz in the pumpkin spice latte of dresses.

  • 11
    Sofia Vergara owns one dress. The appearance of any minor variation is an optical illusion.

  • 12
    Grimes has her Hot Topic daywear and her tackle box and she doesn’t need one other thing.

  • 13
    I don’t hate Madonna’s look and Katy Perry wins points for not offending an entire nation of people, but looking at them together in the same photo is making me motion sick.

  • 14
    Grace Coddington brought pajamas but left her f-cks to give at home. That’s why this might actually be the best of the whole night. [/item