The Hottest Musicians Of The ’90s

All these frosted tips got our hearts going pitter-patter

By Frank Donovan

  • 1 Shannon Hoon
    Getty Images
    Frosted tips and muscle tees, pixie cuts and spaghetti straps—man do we miss our musical crushes of the ’90s! Blind Melon’s lead singer was not only hot, but great at accessorizing.

  • 2 Willa Ford
    Getty Images
    Where’d you go, Willa?!

  • 3 D’Angelo
    Getty Images
    Those pelvic muscles…

  • 4 Fiona Apple
    Getty Images
    We all wanted to be this hot.

  • 5 Justin Timberlake
    Getty Images
    You’re killin’ us, JT.

  • 6 Natalie Imbruglia
    Getty Images
    We almost forgot how drop-dead gorgeous Natalie was!

  • 7 Trevor Guthrie
    MCA Records
    That guy from SoulDecision <3

  • 8 Aaliyah
    Getty Images
    Perhaps the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • 9 Mark McGrath
    Getty Images
    He knows he’s making you swoon right now.

  • 10 Britney Spears
    Getty Images
    The prom queen of the ’90s right here.

  • 11 Gavin Rossdale
    Getty Images
    The widow’s peak, the jaw line, the muscle tee…

  • 12 Mariah Carey
    Getty Images
    Bring back the curls, Mariah!

  • 13 Ricky Martin
    Getty Images
    Ughhhh Ricky!

  • 14 Selena
    Getty Images
    What a beauty!

  • 15 Mark Wahlberg
    Getty Images
    Bring back Calvin Klein-era Marky Mark.

  • 16 Jennifer Paige
    Hollywood Records
    Love that ’90s skincare commercial steez.

  • 17 Garrett Dutton
    Getty Images
    A ’90s Elvis, if you will.

  • 18 Nina Persson
    The Cardigans’ lead singer nails it with the pixie cut and spaghetti straps.

  • 19 Stephan Jenkins
    Getty Images
    Wow, we didn’t realize at the time the lead singer of Third Eye Blind was pretty hot!

  • 20 Leigh Bingham
    Squint Entertainment/Columbia Records
    The Sixpence None the Richer singer was the cutest.

  • 21 Duncan Sheik
    Getty Images
    We never realized how cute Duncan Shiek was!

  • 22 Lauryn Hill
    Getty Images
    She’s perfection.

  • 23 Evan Dando
    Getty Images

  • 24 Lisa Loeb
    Getty Images
    Teach us how to be you, Lisa!

  • 25 Kurt Cobain
    Getty Images
    Kurt was a total babe!