Hollywood’s Worst Moms

Oh mama, we're glad these aren't our mamas.

Being a mom is a tough job. You are responsible for raising good people, being a good role model and not being a complete mess at least most of the time. Unfortunately, not all moms nail that part — real ones or fictional ones.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of you wonderful moms out there. Thank you for not being like the moms in this gallery. They are some real mothers.

  • 1 Mrs. George
    She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. And a fantastic argument against ever wanting to be a cool mom.

  • 2 Dina Lohan
    This week, we learned her pride and joy and sole income has completed a whopping nine hours of her 125 community service hours, the ones she’s had months to do. That’s another gold star for you, Dina!

  • 3 Joan Crawford
    No wire hangers. No worse mom in cinematic history.

  • 4 Norma Bates
    Oh, Norma. You love that kid a whole bunch but MAN have you done a number on Norman. Spoiler: I feel like it doesn’t end well for you.

  • 5 Farrah Abraham
    “It’s healthy that we have a break,” Abraham once told In Touch about taking some time apart from her four-year-old child while promoting her sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom. “She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine.” You know, four-year-olds with all their own things they do. That kid would probably be a lot better off if her mom took more breaks.

  • 6 Kris Jenner
    Momager, momsploitator, same difference.

  • 7 Mama June
    We don’t have jokes here. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June is literally the worst parent ever allowed on television. Ugh. Too depressing. [/item