Rockin’ The Cradle: The 15 Most Scandalous Relationships In Music History

All love is good love, but some couples really push it!

Underage, incestuous, drug-fueled….All love is good love, but some couples really push it! Rock ‘n’ roll is filled with folks who don’t play the rules, and this can also extend to their romantic life, leading to affairs that shock the world.

Some of these hook-ups lead to loving marriages that lasted a life time (or at least a long time), while others were doomed to rest on the slag heap of divorce papers. But at least it makes for a juicy story! From marrying your underage cousin to marrying the underage illegitimate daughter of your cousin, recording a duet about incest with your 12-year-old daughter or gaining legal guardianship over your teenage groupie girlfriend, you’ve got plenty to choose from in our collection of the 15 most scandalously freaky relationships in rock music history. Head up to the gallery above for more! Remember: love is a beautiful thing….sometimes.

  • 1 Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd
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    The guitar God famously fell in love with model Pattie Boyd, the wife of his dear friend George Harrison. Eric felt more than a twinge of guilt over the whole thing, channeling his agony into forbidden-love epic “Layla.” But it turns out the Pattie’s marriage to the Beatle was on the outs anyway, and after some time Clapton was able to successfully woo her to the altar. However the marriage to Clapton didn’t last either, and the pair ended up divorcing.

  • 2 Sonny and Cher
    They were America’s Golden Couple for the better part of a decade, but their romance blossomed in an unusual way. Sonny Bono was 27-years-old and divorced when he met a 16-year-old runaway named Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere at an L.A. coffee bar. Apparently believing her to be older (or she told a fib, accounts vary), he offered for her to move into his apartment and act as his housekeeper. They became close platonic friends, and eventually lovers.

  • 3 Marvin Gaye and Janis Hunter
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    Gaye wrote and recorded the sex anthem “Let’s Get It On” at age 33, around the same time that he began shacking up with 16-year old Janis Hunter, a senior at Hollywood High School at the time. The meeting took place at the recording studio, when the ex-girlfriend of his producer Ed Townsend showed up, bringing her teenage daughter Janis in tow. Marvin was crushin’ hardcore, and they were married in 1977.

  • 4 Jimmy Page and Lori Maddox
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    Rumors of serious sexual debauchery loom large in the Led Zeppelin legend. Of course there’s the famous shark-pleasuring episode (google it), but guitarist Jimmy Page’s relationship with Lori Maddox is just as notable. He would apparently hide the 14-year-old groupie away in his L.A. hotel room for days at a time, away from prying eyes. Err, we don’t want to know.

  • 5 Jerry Lee Lewis and Myra Gale Brown
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    The rock pioneer was having a good 1958, until he introduced the press to his new wife Myra during his British tour. Not only was she the 13-year-old daughter of his bass player, but she was ALSO Lewis’ cousin. To top it off, he hadn’t finalized his previous divorce, making it a bigamous marriage to boot. The English authorities tried to have him deported as an “undesirable alien,” and his tour was marred by hecklers.

  • 6 Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg
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    SPOILER ALERT: Not an actual affair. Uber-sexual French composer Serge Gainsbourg took it to another level in 1985, when he released a duet with his 12-year-old daughter Charlotte entitled “Lemon Incest.” The song featured the child singing suggestive lyrics, implying that she’s sleeping with her father in the subject of the song. In case you missed the subtext, the video depicts a shirtless Serge and his daughter in a bed.

  • 7 Dennis Wilson and Shawn Love
    Dennis took his rivalry with cousin and fellow Beach Boy Mike Love to new heights when he had an affair with Mike’s (alleged) 16-year-old illegitimate daughter Shawn Marie Love…essentially out of spite. The couple had a child, Gage, in 1982, before they were married a year later when Shawn was eighteen.

  • 8 Cherie Currie and Scott Anderson
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    You could say that Scott Anderson was definitely a ’hands on’ road manager during his time with the mid ’70s pop-punk girl-group, the Runaways. He allegedly did his best to sleep his way through the band’s teenage lineup, culiminating in the pregnancy of 16-year-old Cherie Currie during their first European tour. Her morning sickness was apparently so bad that she had to keep a bucket onstage for a time. Oof.

  • 9 Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith
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    52-year-old Wyman married 19-year-old London party girl Mandy Smith in 1989, just five years after he took her virginity. For those of you not so good with the mental math, that would have made Mandy 14-years-old at the time. Ol’ Bill eventually got served with divorce papers after she underwent a religious conversion. “It was either go with Bill or go with God,” she told the Daily Mail. “I knew what I had to do.”

  • 10 Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Oaziaza
    It was weird enough that George Harrison was cool with his bud Eric Clapton stealing his wife, but the Jackson crew (predictably) went even bigger and crazier. Brother Jermaine’s wife Alejandra originally dated little bro Randy, and gave birth to two of his children. Jermaine and Alejandra married in 1995 and had several kids of their own thereafter, thus making Thanksgiving at the Jackson house even more awkward than it already was.

  • 11 Steven Tyler and Julie Holcomb
    The Aerosmith frontman was smitten with a 16-year-old groupie named Julie, and really wanted her to come live with him in Boston. But how could they do such a thing without the scandal of a teenager moving in with a 27-year-old? Simple! Get her parents to sign over guardian rights. Amazingly, Tyler was able to convince her parents that this was a good idea, and their drug-heavy relationship lasted for three years.

  • 12 Ted Nugent and Pele Massa
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    The controversial Detroit rocker was 30-years-old when he entered into a romantic relationship with 17-year old Hawaii native. Due to her age the couple was not allowed to marry, but old Ted was not so easily deterred. He took a page from the Steven Tyler playbook, managing to talk the young woman’s parents into signing legal documents naming himself as her legal guardian.

  • 13 R. Kelly and Aaliyah
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    The late singer’s “Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number” takes on a whole new level of freaky when you learn that R. Kelly wrote those words, just before (allegedly) marrying his protege when she was just 15 years old. Her parents weren’t too happy when they found out, and quickly had the illegal underage marriage annulled. Now they keep it on the DL, with both camps denying that they were ever wed, despite the copy of a marriage certificate uncovered by Vibe.

  • 14 Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu
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    Not many people seem to talk about the fact that the future Mrs. Presley was just 14 when she entered the 24-year-old King’s court. Sure, Elvis was reportedly quite the gentleman, agreeing to a chaperone during their early dates, and always bringing her home early. But still…it’s kind of weird. ’Cilla moved into the singer’s Graceland mansion when she was seventeen, and they married in May ’67, just before her twenty-second birthday.

  • 15 Alice Cooper and Jelly Donuts
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    In his 1976 autobiography Me, Alice, Cooper wrote of his love for baked goods. “I had affairs with a whole series of pastry,” reads the passage. Apparently he had a soft spot for jelly donuts, which he allegedly…had a fully physical relationship with, before serving them to his sister! At least that’s according his shocking memoir. More recently Alice (true name Vincent Furnier) has mellowed with age, admitting that he made the whole tale up.

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