Kim Kardashian Looks Miserable in Her Selfies: An Examination

Kim might be the most pissed off Kardashian (and all this time you thought it was Kourtney).

Kim Kardashian’s new book Selfish chronicles nearly 10 years of selfies, despite the fact that her face is the same in 99.9% of her pics. We’re not sure if possible nip and tuck situations have prevented her face from moving, or if she’s truly more pissed off than Kourtney and Kanye West.

  • 1 Whether she’s meeting a lifelong idol or reuniting with her high school besties, like the term “fetch,” a photo of Kim K smiling is just not going to happen.
    Check out some of her most miserable-looking facial expressions yet.

  • 2 Kim doesn’t like falling asleep with makeup on regardless of the fact that her lashes are still phenomenal.

  • 3 She’s super hot in lacy lingerie but still looks angry.

  • 4 The struggles of getting pampered are REAL.

  • 5 Matching silky robes of goodness don’t excite Kim. Especially when she’s rolling with Kourtney.

  • 6 I’d be a little pissed if the world saw my face without makeup, too — only this shot was voluntary.

  • 7 No smiles until she sees RESULTS.

  • 8 The caption says: “I love this girl,” but that face says, “GTFO, Gaga.”

  • 9 Hanging with a handful of superstars won’t make Kim crack a smile.

  • 10 Kim “loved” seeing E!’s Catt Sadler. Can’t you tell?

  • 11 How Kim spends her Saturday nights.

  • 12 If I was wearing that outfit in bed instead of sweatpants, I’d be pissed, too.

  • 13 No one would be that composed meeting Queen Laverne Cox.

  • 14 Oh no, Kourtney. Don’t give her any ideas.

  • 15 Here she is back to long, dark hair after going short and blonde (yet she’s not nearly as excited about it as you were).

  • 16 Reuniting with old high school friends is overrated, right Kim?

  • 17 Right.

  • 18 “Is this waist trainer working yet, damn it?!”

  • 19 Hanging with Instagram founder Kevin Systrom ~isn’t~ a big deal, guys.

  • 20 With bae… and still pissed.

  • 21 Wearing awesome blue contacts makes Kimmy mad. (Must be the burning.)

  • 22 Being the chicest person on the planet is hardly as fun as it seems.

  • 23 In case you didn’t get the message, Kim has looked pissed since before she was famous…
    …and probably will for the rest of time.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.