Celebs Who Definitely Have a Type

These stars keep dating lookalikes of their exes.

Celebs like Ryan Reynolds, Lea Michele, and Adam Levine have a romantic type that they just can’t shake. But is it weird that their current partners are spitting images of their exes?

  • 1 Reggie Bush
    This NFL star married Lilit Avagyan in 2014.

  • 2
    Who’s a clone of his ex Kim Kardashian, who he dated on and off from 2007 to 2010.

  • 3 Ian Somerhalder
    Ian and Nikki Reed tied the knot in April after nine months of dating, and they may be our new favorite couple ever.

  • 4
    But don’t forget he recently dated his Vampire Diaries costar >Nina Dobrev from 2011 to 2013. Pretty brunette vampires are totes his thing.

  • 5 Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan married the flawless Blake Lively in 2012 and together, they make our #relationshipgoals too damn real.

  • 6
    Did you forget he was married to Scarlett Johansson from 2008 to 2010? We have a feeling he has a weakness for gorgeous blondes.

  • 7 Adam Levine
    Maroon 5’s sexy frontman loves tall, skinny, blonde Victoria’s Secret models so much, he dated pretty much all of them, including Anne Vyalitsyna…

  • 8
    Angela Bellotte…

  • 9
    and Behati Prinsloo, who he married last year.

  • 10 Zac Efron
    Zac has a thing for the spicy Latina women, and we dig that. Back in the day, he dated his High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens.

  • 11
    Splash News
    Was briefly linked to Michelle Rodriguez last year. #Ibiza

  • 12
    And has been dating dating entrepreneur Sami Miro since last fall.

  • 13 Lea Michele
    Lea and Cory Monteith were one of Hollywood’s cutest couples until Cory tragically passed away in 2013.

  • 14
    About a year later, Lea was linked to model Matthew Paetz, who she met on the set of her “On My Way” music video. The mini Glee star obviously likes herself a tall, dark, and handsome drink of water. But who doesn’t?

  • 15 Emma Stone
    It seems Emma has a thing for nerdy hot brunettes, and we’re all for it. She dated singer Teddy Geiger circa 2008.

  • 16
    Moved on to Kieran Culkin in 2009.

  • 17
    And of course, began dating Andrew Garfield in 2012 before the two “took a break” this April. Still not over it.

  • 18 Leonardo DiCaprio
    Like Adam Levine, Leo prefers his life filled with tall, gorgeous models on tall, gorgeous models on tall, gorgeous models. Just ask Gisele Bündchen, who was Leo’s S/O from 2000 to 2005.

  • 19
    Or Bar Refaeli, who he dated on and off from 2005 to 2011.

  • 20
    Alyce Crawford, who he was rumored to be linked with after his split from Blake Lively in 2011.

  • 21
    Or, his most current GF, Toni Garrn.

  • 22 Katy Perry
    Katy’s thing seems to be tall, dark-haired guys, who everyone presumes are d-bags. Take Russell Brand, who she was married to from 2010 to 2011.

  • 23
    And John Mayer, the rebound she still can’t seem to quit.

  • 24 Ryan Phillippe
    After two years of dating Reese Witherspoon, the two married in 1999 and parted ways in 2006.

  • 25
    Ryan then dated Australian actress Abbie Cornish from 2007-2010. Safe to say cute blondes are his thing?

  • 26 Robin Thicke
    Robin was recently spotted with his new 20-year-old lady friend April Love Geary, making their debut as a couple at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • 27
    April is practically a clone of Robin’s ex Paula Patton, who he was officially divorced from in March 2015. Paula, you still got it, girl.

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