The Ugliest Celebrity Custody Battles

Forgot consciously uncoupled--these celebrity pairs went to war.

Divorce is hard. Famous, not famous, or infamous, when a couple comes apart, it’s painful. And for so many people, the hardest part is deciding custody. For these celebs, these custody battles were as dramatic as any nighttime soap.

  • 1 Usher and Tameka Foster
    When Usher and Tameka Foster split, they threw down in court for the custody of their sons Usher V and Navivyd Ely. Foster accused Usher of cheating on her with a bridesmaid from their wedding (he later told Oprah that he did hook up with the bridesmaid but it was after they separated) and of being an absentee father. Ultimately, even after an incident where Usher V nearly drowned in the care of Usher’s aunt, Usher was awarded primary custody.

  • 2 Tyga and Blac Chyna
    This fight is only in its infancy, but the custody battle between Tyga and Blac Chyna will be as dramatic as everything else they do. He thinks she’s a bad mom who cares more about clubbing than their son, King Cairo, and she thinks the fact that he’s dating a minor shows bad parenting skills. She’s seeking full custody.

  • 3 Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch
    Kelly Rutherford and Daniel Giersch’s custody battle royale has been ugly since before their second child was even born. It got way uglier back in 2012 when Giersch’s work visa was revoked and a judge ruled the children should move with him to France (he’s not from France or a French citizen). She’s now trying to get the American citizen children back on American soil and has had to file bankruptcy while she does so.

  • 4 Damon Dash and Rachel Roy
    Damon Dash and Rachel Roy have had a particularly contemptuous custody battle over their kids, Ava and Tallulah, with each accusing the other of being unfit as a parent. It came to a head last month when Dash didn’t show up to court and Roy was awarded both full custody and a three-year restraining order against her ex.

  • 5 Jon and Kate Gosselin
    Jon and Kate Gosselin didn’t have a great relationship when they were actually married, and their divorce has been no different. Jon fought for primary custody saying the kids “live in fear” of Kate, but Kate won. She says some of the kids see Jon and some don’t.

  • 6 Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally
    Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally’s custody battle has been going on nearly as long as the marriage itself did. The two used a surrogate to conceive and split shortly after. Shepherd believed Sally trapped her into surrogacy to get her money. In April, a judge ruled Shepherd as a legal parent of the child.

  • 7 Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry
    Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are proof that beautiful people can make one ugly couple. In the years since their split, Aubry has been taken to court for bleaching and straightening daughter Nahla’s hair, as Berry alleges, to make her appear more white. She’s also accused him of calling her the N-word and has accused him of child endangerment.

  • 8 Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards
    First, Richards got primary custody of their two daughters, then had Sheen sign over full custody due to his drug issues. Then, when he and Brooke Mueller split, neither of them were fit to take care of the kids, so Richards was actually caring for their twin boys until she had to relinquish them due to their violent tendencies. Last year, Sheen decided to kick Richards out of her house and stop paying her child support. All the children are still fairly young — this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this saga.

  • 9 Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger
    We all remember Baldwin’s terrifying “thoughtless little pig” voicemail to daughter Ireland. That was just the most viral part of his long and bloody custody battle with ex Kim Basinger. He’d been accusing Basinger of keeping his daughter from him, and after the voicemail, he was no longer allowed to see her at all. The two have since mended their relationship. [/item

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