The 10 Most Brutal Paternity Suits In Rap

These guys definitely have daddy issues.

Rappers see all kinds of lawsuits and crazy accusations. In fact, it’s safe to say it comes with the territory of success. But not every claim is frivolous — especially paternity suits. It’s no secret that rappers love the ladies and vice versa. If they’re not careful, that groupie love can come with a hefty price tag in the form of child support. Check out the gallery of these rap figures who endured paternity sagas straight out of an episode of Maury.

  • 1 DMX
    In 2004, a Maryland woman claimed the rapper was the father of a baby boy, which a DNA test later proved correct. The saga doesn’t stop there, because in a 2006 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine, X claims that he was “raped” by the woman. The accusation lead the rapper right back to court for a defamation suit. Although a judge awarded the plaintiff $1.5 million in damages, another judge later vacated the judgement claiming X wasn’t properly served court papers.

  • 2 Busta Rhymes
    In 1999 Busta Rhymes got hit with that “Woo Hah” — which came in the form of a paternity suit. A North Carolina woman alleged Busta was the father of a then one-year-old girl. The claim turned out to be actual factual, as a DNA test would reveal a “99.9964%” chance that Bussa Bus was indeed the girl’s father.

  • 3 Layzie Bone
    Bone Thugs & Harmony member Layzie Bone, found himself in a bit of a pickle two years ago when he was named in a paternity suit. But the paternity suit wasn’t Layzie’s only problem — he was also married. We’re sure his wife wanted to send the rapper straight to the “Crossroads” once word got back.

  • 4 Soulja Boy
    You can call Soulja Boy anything you want, but a father isn’t one of them. The “Crank Dat” rapper vehemently denied fathering a son with an ex-girlfriend, to the point were a paternity was taken in 2014. Soulja more than likely did the Superman once he read the results which were later released by TMZ.

  • 5 Lil Wayne
    You can’t have as many baby mamas as this guy without running into a paternity suit every now and then. In 2010, while Weezy was serving time in New York, he was also served for a paternity suit. He managed to dodge the case until 2014, long after he was released from prison. The rapper never got around to completing a A DNA test for the child, who was now 12-years-old. Tired of the whole ordeal, the case was eventually dropped by the woman. We’re guessing Wayne wasn’t Sorry For The Wait on this one.

  • 6 Juvenile
    In 2012, an arrest warrant was issued for the New Orleans rapper after falling behind on child support payments and owing more than $160,000. Juvie returned fire with a lawsuit of his own, requesting a paternity test in order to prove the 13-year-old was indeed his son.

  • 7 Ludacris
    Before Luda tied the knot with current wife Eudoxie, the couple took a short break from one another. During the downtime in their relationship, Ludacris got another woman pregnant. Hey, it happens. The woman eventually gave birth to a baby girl. Luda and the baby’s mother would soon find themselves in a court battle, with Ludacris eventually winning custody of the child earlier this year.

  • 8 Rick Ross
    Getty Images
    Rick Ross experienced some paternity drama in 2012 when a Georgia woman named the Teflon Don as the father of a three year old boy. Ross denied being the child’s father, and claimed he never even slept with the woman. A court ordered DNA test concluded that the Miami rapper was indeed not the father.

  • 9 Jay Z
    Jay Z is the father of many rappers styles, but earlier this year one aspiring rapper made the claim that he was the son of one S. Carter. Rymir Satterthwaite sued Jay in 2014, accusing the Brooklyn rapper of lying to the courts in order to dodge a paternity test. In 2010 Satterthwaite’s mother originally sued Hov on similar grounds, but the case was eventually dismissed.

  • 10 Future
    In 2013, Future brought new meaning to his hit song “Same Damn Time” when he caught a brand new paternity suit immediately after settling a similar suit a month prior. Future did in fact end up being the father to the child in the first case.