Celebrities with Lookalike Siblings

They're serving us pure Parent Trap realness.

Let’s play a game. Look at photos of Chris and Liam Hemsworth and try to tell them apart. We won’t blame you if you can’t, because they’re practically identical. And they’re not the only celebrity siblings who look eerily similar. Check out these 11 uncanny pairs. Is this The Parent Trap IRL?

  • 1 Chris and Liam Hemsworth
    Getty Images
    Double the hotness. [/item
  • 2 Beyoncé and Solange Knowles
    Getty Images
    The beautiful sisters could pull a switcheroo if they really wanted. [/item
  • 3 Elle and Dakota Fanning
    Getty Images
    This is like The Twilight Zone. [/item
  • 4 Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
    Getty Images
    ♪ Living in the shadowwwwwww of someone else’s dreammmmmm. ♪ [/item
  • 5 Raini and Rico Rodriguez
    Getty Images
    Adorable and almost identical. [/item
  • 6 Julianne and Derek Hough
    Getty Images
    We’re definitely seeing double. [/item
  • 7 Miley and Brandi Cyrus
    Getty Images
    If Miley had her old hair, there’s no way we’d be able to tell Brandi and her apart. [/item
  • 8 Emma and Alex Watson
    Getty Images
    We chalk their twin-like features up to magic. [/item
  • 9 Angelina Jolie and James Haven
    This kiss aside, Angelina and her brother look crazy alike. [/item
  • 10 Elizabeth Olsen
    Getty Images
    Take in her face. [/item
  • 11 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
    Doesn’t she look just like her sisters? [/item
  • 12 Willow and Jaden Smith
    Getty Images
    ~*TwInZ. [/item

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