Justin Bieber’s Billboard Hot 100 Festival Performance Was the Biggest STFU to His Haters

Our boy is coming back.

Was Justin Bieber’s performance at Billboard’s first-ever Hot 100 Festival perfect? No. He seemed to forget the words to his songs a few times—but what artist hasn’t?—and appeared visibly agitated at the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater’s lighting and sound setups. Oh, and he ordered fans to stop taking photos of him at one point in the show. Throw in a confusing hoodie situation (Was it supposed to be on or off, bb?), bizarre skateboarding tangent and cruel teasing of his new music—he asked the audience if they wanted to hear his fresh tunes, but then said they’d have to wait like everyone else—and it appears the hour-plus set wasn’t too hot. But it actually was.

Because Justin Bieber is talented as hell—a fact many people tend to forget. (He’s also physically hot, which explains the show’s—ya know—hotness.)

We’re serious. If you cut through the eye-rolling diva behavior and sloppier edges from last night, Justin delivered a perfectly enjoyable romp that reminded us of two very crucial facts: The boy can sing and dance his ass off.

Let’s talk about the last one first. Justin didn’t exactly move with the razor precision of his fellow festival performer Jason Derulo, but he had an inexplicable swagger that made him captivating to watch. Whether it was the feverish running man move during “Beauty and the Beat” or the robotic hand vogueing employed later in the set, Mr. Bieber knew how to use his heavily-tattooed body in ways that both intrigued and, well, turned us on. And he had a blast doing it.

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