Celebrities Who’ve Been Accused of Lying About Their Age

Also, all their real names are Fat Patricia.

A performer lying about his or her (sadly, usually her) age is hardly surprising. And, yet, people remain surprised when it happens. Some really did it, some are merely accused, but one thing is for sure: the industry loves ’em young and even the most famous celebrities feel compelled to lie about the date on their birth certificates.

  • 1 Rebel Wilson
    An alleged former classmate outed Rebel for being 35 to 36 years old and not actually named Rebel. Wilson took the accusations in stride, tweeting that she’s not actually 36 but a 100-year-old mermaid. (She looks great for 100.) According to Us Weekly, the Sydney Morning Herald confirmed she’s really 35.

  • 2 Beyoncé and Jay Z
    There are those who speculate that Beyoncé is about three years older than she claims (36 as opposed to 33), but recently a radio host accused Jay Z of lying as well. According to Troi Terrain, Jay is actually over 50 — not 45.

  • 3 Jessica Chastain
    Chastain hasn’t lied, she’s just refused to confirm her age. But some sluths found her high school yearbook and have confirmed that she’s 38 — not “around 30” as she’d been listed after breaking out in Hollywood.

  • 4 Nicki Minaj
    Minaj had said she was born in 1984 but a police report in 2011 divulged she was actually born in 1982. Who knows why she felt the need to just cut two years off, but we think she’s perfect at any age.

  • 5 Karlie Redd
    When it comes to Karlie Redd, we have no idea. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star could be 37, 34, 40, or 46 depending on who you ask. We’ll just go with “100-year-old mermaid” for her, too.

  • 6 Catherine Zeta-Jones
    Rumors have swirled about Zeta-Jones’ age (currently 45) for years, but a blind item about a trip to the White House further escalated things. As the story goes, the age she gave them didn’t match her background check so she had to reveal her real number.

  • 7 Agyness Deyn
    The 32-year-old model shaved about six years off her age when she began modeling. She was not actually 18 when she started, but 24.

  • 8 Jennifer Lopez
    The 45-year-old Lopez had stated her birthdate as being in 1970 until she was famously arrested with her then-boyfriend Sean Combs back in 1998. At the time, she told the police her real birthday: one year earlier, in 1969.

  • 9 Nelly
    Nelly, now 40, took six years off his age when he broke onto the scene. He was only found out when he was included on Teen People’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 in 2003 — because he was actually 28 at the time. [/item

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