In the Rear View: Celebrities Caught Staring at Butts

I found you, Miss New Booty.

It is scientific fact that most humans like big butts and cannot lie about it. The following celebrities definitely do—so much they were caught blatantly ogling bodacious derrieres in public. Some were even at work, like Jay-Z. C’mon, dude, you’re performing on stage! Can you resist staring at Beyoncé’s rump for five seconds? (Nah.) Welp, he’s not alone. Check out 10 stars who are obvious ass people.

  • 1 Jay-Z
    Getty Images
    Dangerously in love with the booty.

  • 2 Chris Rock
    Getty Images
    Rihanna has no idea Chris is back there like, “Hey there.”

  • 3 Pitbull
    Getty Images
    Jennifer Lopez in her natural habitat.

  • 4 Ashton Kutcher
    Getty Images
    Thinking deeply and critically about dat ass.

  • 5 Usher
    Getty Images
    Soaking in the view.

  • 6 Kanye West
    Getty Images
    He’s literally mesmerized.

  • 7 Kate Middleton
    Splash News
    Listen, she’s royalty. Kate has free reign (eh?!) to munch on snacks and love as many basketball bums as she pleases.

  • 8 Eduardo Cruz
    Splash News
    Doing a full inspection of girlfriend Paula Mendez’s backside. Don’t let the sand ruin your concentration, bb.

  • 9 Barack Obama
    Even the president isn’t immune to booty-traps.

  • 10 David Beckham
    Splash News
    Analyzing the historical impact of this particular bottom.