Zac Efron’s Wisest Quotes Prove He’s Deeper Than the Cuts of His Abs

A philosopher in his past life, without question.

Zac Efron is not a piece of meat, guys. Beyond his show-stopping acting skills, did you know he’s a closet philosopher? Oh yeah. You have no idea. Zac plays a lost, shirtless-the-majority-of-the-time DJ in his new movie We Are Your Friends (out this weekend), but IRL, he’s practically the next Gandhi. In fact, he’ll teach you a thing or two right now with these insightful quotes of his that prove he’s more than a pretty face and rock-hard abs.

  • 1 “You don’t really know how beautiful a girl is until you meet her, all her beauty is in her personality.”
    Perez Hilton
    So deep. I think I just cried.

  • 2 “When people point out your weaknesses, that’s just another opportunity for you to rise above.”
    A true rebel, and above all else, trailblazer.

  • 3 “I’ve always cared about fashion and what I look like. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on designer clothes, but I do like to look good.”
    Life priorities, you know?

  • 4 “You can’t describe the feeling of being in love, when you meet someone that makes you a better person.”
    Did you know you were such a shithead since dating your current SO?

  • 5 “There’s somebody that’s meant for you. There’s somebody out there that’s perfect for you.”
    So I won’t die a lonely cat lady? Thank god.

  • 6 “If I splurge on anything, it’s cologne. I love smelling good.”
    Don’t listen to what anyone’s told you. Material things totally help you become your best you.

  • 7 “You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.”
    So just don’t be such a spaz next time you punch someone at the bar.

  • 8 “I don’t understand how some people would want fame so bad that they’d go out and get negative attention to earn it.”
    Us Weekly
    *Deletes super questionable Instagram posts*

  • 9 “I wore goofy hats to school and did musical theater. Most people thought I was a dork. If you have a sense of humor about it, no one can bring you down.”
    The backlash from wearing a goofy hat is tough, but you just have to prevail.

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