In Defense Of Ariana Grande’s Cat Ears: The Diva’s Must-Have Fashion Accessory

She can't put her cat ears down.

Trendsetter Ariana Grande is the cat’s meow these days- for more reasons than one. The singer has been spotted on numerous occasions wearing a distinctive cat ear headband, and it’s not even Halloween yet! The look is definitely a bold choice, and has earned Ariana more than a few detractors. SI swimsuit queen (and Mrs. John Legend) Chrissy Teigen fired some shots recently recently, tweeting that these ears alerted her to “immediately hate” the young diva! This is not good, y’all. Sure, they’re a tad…different, but we think Ariana totally rocks the style and looks purr-fect doing it.

She’s donned this pointy fashion staple for performances on America’s Got Talent, Jingle Ball 2013, and most recently during her set on Saturday Night Live. She even flaunts this accessory in many of her Instagram selfies or while out and about under the glare of the paparazzi. Ariana is ruling the music scene right now and she always looks fab, even as a feline. For proof, just check out the photos in the gallery above!

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    Splash News
    A chic and feminine outfit was spotted at the Official 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival After-Party at 1 OAK Nightclub in Las Vegas.

  • 2
    Ariana’s reppin’ her cat muse for puurrr-fection!

  • 3
    At the SiriusXM Studios, Ariana looked youthfully fresh faced and ready to talk about her music career hitting off!

  • 4
    “Kitty want a corner?” Nope! It looks like kitty wants some warm weather!

  • 5
    All work and no play makes Ariana a dull cat.

  • 6
    Ariana is obviously sending you major subs about your cat ears not being up to part!

  • 7
    Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Ariana surely brought Jingle all the way with her fierce look last Christmas.

  • 8
    *Slurp, Slurp* while checking out the views in Tokyo.

  • 9
    Shocker Alert: Her Halloween costume last year was a cat! We never would have guessed.

  • 10
    The Weeknd performing alongside Ariana at SNL.

  • 11
    The Cat Gang was in full force at their America’s Got Talent performance.

  • 12
    The crowd went wild with the fellow feline at a Gay Night Club after SNL with quirky cat ears.

  • 13
    Ariana shows her support at Power 106’s All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game Benefit!

  • 14
    Ariana might as well be saying “sit down honey, and take some style tips,” at the iHeartRadio Festival.