The Most Important Celebrity Pecs of Summer 2015

Admit it: You'd take a nap on every single pair.

By Taylor Ferber and Christopher Rosa

Pecs are the hidden ninjas of the male form. When they’re not present, you’re not completely devastated. But if your bae sports a rock-hard pair of pecs, your world revolves around nothing else. Thanks to legions of personal trainers and dieticians, male celebs have the most historically significant pecs of all time now, and the magic of summer 2015 was a peak for pecs. Here are 15 of the sexiest pairs of bro ta-tas that made you consider getting multiple pregnancy tests this season.

  • 1 Miguel
    Splash News
    This You Oughta Know alum can make sweet music with just his chesticles.

  • 2 Mario Lopez
    Splash News
    We are saved by the bell mounds of flesh.

  • 3 Shemar Moore
    Splash News
    More, Shemar, more.

  • 4 Joey Dorsey (basketball player)
    Splash News
    Slam dunk pecs, sir.

  • 5 Scott Eastwood
    Splash News
    His bro ta-tas are your new religion.

  • 6 Miles Teller
    Splash News
    Did we just get whiplash?

  • 7 Matt Bomer
    Splash News
    Matt’s man-breasts have the magic (Mike) touch.

  • 8 Justin Bieber
    Getty Images
    Suck on your nipple? I’ll never say never, boo.

  • 9 Jason Derulo
    Getty Images
    Yup, I’m definitely pregnant now.

  • 10 Bacary Sagna (soccer player)
    Splash News
    Are you ovaries filled to the brim with utter joy rn?

  • 11 Eric Decker
    While E. Deck cleans the floor, we’ll clean his pecs. With our mouths.

  • 12 Tyson Beckford
    Don’t mind the water down Tyson’s chest, it’s just our drool.

  • 13 These random dudes at the Magic Mike XXL premiere
    You don’t know who they are, but do you really DGAF rn?

  • 14 Joe Manganiello
    God bless America, the side pec, and the summer BBQ. We salute you.

  • 15 Calvin Harris
    These pecs made as much of a splash in the news as they did in our wet dreams.