99 Problems But Her Donk Ain’t One: Check Out Iggy Azalea’s Butt To See For Yourself

Her butt is more famous than me.

Iggy Azalea has stormed onto the music scene, and aside from her awesome rapping talent, she’s bought along quite the covetable rump as well. Forget your Kim Kardashians and your Beyonces, Iggy’s butt will haunt your dreams. This is the ass that can do no wrong. Framed by legs forever and a tiny waist, Iggy’s behind is mesmerizing, a shapely oasis in the pop desert of flat Miley-style butts (although we love Miley’s butt too, duh. It takes all types!).

With the release of her duet with good-girl Ariana Grande, “Problem”, we’re thinking that Iggy’s booty is one thing that’s definitely NOT any problem for the young star. From stage performance to the red carpet and her sexy video for “Work”, Iggy’s got her trunk game on lock, always wearing body hugging dresses and short shorts to show off her best ass-et. We promise you that you’re not going to regret clicking through our gallery of Iggy Azalea’s best butt moments.

  • 1 We Heart Iggy
    Iggy’s skirt pretty much sums up everything we think about Iggy and her butt. We heart them both.

  • 2 I Like Big Butts
    Poised to give Sir-Mix-A-Lot a heart attack, Iggy strikes her favorite pose.

  • 3 LadylikeLadylike
    All dressed up like a lady, Iggy’s butt does old world Hollywood style well.

  • 4 Just A Girl
    In a retro Gwen Stefani inspired outfit, Iggy shows the camera her best angle.

  • 5 DAT ASS
    We’re running out of words. It’s just too much to bear.

  • 6 Daisy Dukes
    We approve of Iggy Azalea in these under-butt revealing Daisy Dukes.

  • 7 The View From Behind
    At Glastonbury Iggy Azalea bent all the way over to give us a pretty raunchy view.

  • 8 Subtle Curves
    Move over Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea is wearing the hell out of that skin tight pencil skirt. Demure, but still sexy.

  • 9 Vogue
    At the Yahoo Wireless Festival in London Iggy strikes the most bootylicious pose we’ve ever seen.

  • 10 Who Wears Short Shorts?
    This is one under-butt we’re not complaining about.

  • 11 From Behind Mirror Selfie
    Iggy was simply born for the from behind mirror self.

  • 12 Are You Ready For The Floor?
    Performing with Katy B in London, on hands and knees Iggy gives us the view that until now we’ve only ever dreamed of.

  • 13 Princess Sparkle Butt
    Coyly gazing over her shoulder, there’s something vintage-Britney about Iggy’s look in this Instagram photo. Except that butt is ALL Iggy.

  • 14 Namaste
    Yoga pants are the best friend of those blessed with junk in the trunk, so it follows that Iggy wears her yoga pants like a real Goddess.

  • 15 Iggy’s Biggest Fan

    In an amazing Beyonce moment, Iggy’s all windswept as she backs it up for a rapt audience.

  • 16 Peek-a-Boo

    Iggy’s not afraid to flaunt what her mamma gave her, and performing in a skirt, she flips it to the crowd, exposing her perfect bottom.

  • 17 Iggy’s All White

    Performing in London, Iggy gives the audience what they came for as she dips it low.

  • 18 Iggy Works

    Iggy Azalea WORKS in her video for “Work”, showing us that only does she have the most delightful booty we’ve ever seen, she also knows how to use it!

  • 19 Cold Shoulder

    Iggy gives her best over the shoulder tooch on Instagram as grinds on the floor.

  • 20 Bikini Belfie

    Iggy Azalea posted this up close and personal belfie of herself to Instagram, and we all swooned at the roundness of her perfect behind.