The Ten Most WTF!? Looks Of Joseline Hernandez

The only thing we might love more than Joseline's attitude is her wild style. Maybe these looks will give us a glimpse into what Joseline will wear when she walks down the aisle?
  • 1 Straps and Not Much Else
    It’s almost like she was cast in a superhero movie. Except “The Adventures of the Puerto Rican Princess” isn’t in the works now, or probably ever.

  • 2 All in Black!
    We see you Elvira.

  • 3 J. Lo is that you?
    This reminds us of a certain number that Jennifer Lopez rocked at the 2000 Grammys with a little flare that only Joseline can add.

  • 4 Straps and fur
    Clearly Joseline loves wearing straps. Besides the fact that it looks a little painful, she planned ahead to keep herself warm by adding some fur. (Or, in Joseline speak, “furror.”)

  • 5 Queen of the Jungle
    Getty Images
    Fierce is the only appropriate way to describe this one, and how accurate it is.

  • 6 Ready to Party
    Yaaaaas. If you follow Joseline’s Insta, you are sure to see plenty of videos of her dancing and this outfit would be perfect for that.

  • 7 Blonde Bombshell
    Getty Images
    Mixing it up, Joseline looks ready for the beach in this getup.

  • 8 Fiery in Floral
    Getty Images
    Like a delicate flower, Joseline looks carefree (but does she ever care?) in this print dress. [/item
  • 9 Turn Down for What
    Who else but Joseline to wear a nice button-up and pants without really wearing anything at all?

  • 10 Then There’s This
    Who here remembers this season one photo shoot? Even Joseline Hernandez can’t hit it out of the park every time. We appreciate the effort for this one, but it was a bit too much. [/item
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