Shake It Up GIFs That Portray Zendaya’s RL Slay

The Zendaya slay is never at bay.

Disney Queen Zendaya turns 19 today. And before even graduating high school, she won our hearts with her unapologetic attitude, wisdom beyond her years, and fashion choices that just kill us on the spot. Z rose to fame during her time on Shake It Up, but don’t be fooled by the Disney ears. She breaks out of that box on the reg with grace and so.much.damn.slay. And here’s how her character, Rocky Blue, has even reflected the RL Zendaya.

  • 1 Being on that nonstop work grind.
    Before earning her HS diploma, the actress-turned-pop-star was already incredibly accomplished in the biz. At that point in our lives, most of us were scooping ice cream or folding shirts at an American Eagle. Just saying.

  • 2 And comfortable in your own MF skin.
    “The best thing is to realize that you are who you are and you gotta work with what you got.”

  • 3 The way she handled, you know, Fashion Police.
    Like a boss-and-a-half.

  • 4 Preaching the importance of love.
    “It’s so hard for women to be happy for one another, like genuinely happy. Once you find that, you know you’ve found true self-happiness.”

  • 5 Knowing what it means to be a kick-ass BFF.
    “The secret to a really great friendship is just creating fun memories whenever you’re with that person.”

  • 6 Owning the fact that she’s a damn style icon.
    Her graduation cap and gown count, btw.

  • 7 Real talk: She’s a perfect angel IRL.
    I couldn’t see her hurting a fly.

  • 8 Proving you can live your dream at any age.
    She lives up to being a role model, and has even said supporting kids and their dreams is “what [she’s] here for.”

  • 9 LOLing at taking things too seriously.
    “There are so many great things in life; why dwell on negativity?”

  • 10 Side-eyeing the haters, hard.
    “For anyone who feels the need to hate…just know I’m looking at my phone like #girlbye.”

  • 11 And just being GD adorable in every aspect of life.
    It’s like she doesn’t even try.


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