Why the Beckhams Are the Ultimate #FamilyGoals

Becks up your life.

By Colleen Thornhill

When David and Victoria Beckham married in 1999, they were already considered a power couple. He was a successful soccer player and she was Posh Spice. It didn’t seem like their stars could rise much higher. Yet, 16 years later, the two have a net worth of over $600 million, and most important, are parents to four very lucky children. While “married with kids” sounds like the most normal life two people could live, the Beckham clan is anything but average. Today, their second eldest child, Romeo, turns 13, and it only seems fitting that on his special day, we take a look at what makes the entire Beckham crew so awe-inspiring.

  • 1 For starters, unlike almost every other celebrity couple, Posh and Becks have managed to keep their marriage together for almost two decades, despite all the tabloid drama.
    Yes, Victoria is wearing a crown on her head at her wedding, because, let’s be real, she’s England’s true queen.

  • 2 Prior to their wedding, Victoria had already given birth to the couple’s first child, Brooklyn.

  • 3 Here’s Brooklyn, 16 years later.
    Good genes, would you say? Oh, yes, just a few. Brooklyn is an aspiring model who, by the looks of things, will get by just fine.

  • 4 But Brooklyn’s also had a job as a busboy at a café for two years. That’s some down-to-earth work experience for a young man who can count Elton John as one of his godparents.
    That’s Sir Elton John, to you.

  • 5 The Beckham’s next son, Romeo, is also impressive for his age. Here he is after completing the London Children’s Marathon back in April, when he raised 6,000 euros for two charities by running the race.
    We’re winded running around the block.

  • 6 So the Beckham’s second son is athletic, charitable, and…oh yes, he’s their second model.
    And for Burberry, no less! The Beckhams are just a family of unnaturally attractive overachievers.

  • 7 Here’s the youngest Beckham boy, Cruz, pulling off a beanie and hoodie/denim jacket combo better than you ever could.
    Cruz hasn’t yet carved out a path for himself like his big brothers, but give him time. He’s only 10. If he’s not a model or a semi-celeb by the time he’s 16, then we’ll worry about him.

  • 8 The fourth Beckham beauty is their daughter Harper. She entered the world in 2011 and has been stealing the spotlight ever since, mostly thanks to her adorable photos with dad David.
    Yes, that’s Harper, age 4, styling a top knot, sitting on her dad’s lap, right next to editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour. Because that’s a totally normal life for a child, right?

  • 9 In fact, the entire Beckham family makes a habit out of going to fashion shows together.

  • 10 Remember all those awkward family photos you had to take as a kid? The Beckham children won’t know what that’s like.
    Do you see awkward in this photo? No, but I do see all-consuming perfection.

  • 11 Thought you might get an awkward candid at Wimbledon? No, not possible for the Beckhams.
    But very possible for the poor soul behind them.

  • 12 And here they are strolling through Disneyland, turning Main Street, USA, into their own runway.
    Sure beats the fanny pack and white sneaks you wore on your first trip to Disney.

  • 13 The Beckhams are practically regal in their perfection, wouldn’t you say?
    In fact, they even got invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

  • 14 The Beckhams have also managed to focus on their own career goals while still taking care of their children.
    Victoria runs her own fashion line, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, while David continued playing professional soccer until 2013.

  • 15 The Beckhams could choose to just bask in their wealth and glamour, but the couple has made it their mission to give back to the world.
    They’ve founded their own charities and partnered with UNICEF to help others and share their blessings.

  • 16 So they’re beautiful, multi-talented, and generous, but the main reason the Beckhams are the family we all want to emulate is because beyond all the handsome genetics and celeb fame, they still seem like a loving, close-knit family.
    And that’s a goal worth aiming for.