7 Mean AF Comments Made By Super Friendly Pop Stars

We expected more from you girls!

It’s nothing new when Mariah Carey or Madonna makes a shady comment about a fellow pop star, but Selena Gomez? Demi Lovato? BRITNEY SPEARS?! That’s odd. Yes, even the squeakiest of squeaky-clean pop stars have made dirty remarks about their peers. The novelty makes these moments infinitely more exciting than even the most biting MiMi shade. Don’t believe us? Here are seven prime cutting examples of when nice pop queens got nasty.

  • 1 Demi Lovato
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    The “Cool for the Summer” singer was signing autographs in 2010 when a paparazzo asked her, “How’s Selena [Gomez]?” to which she replied, “Ask Taylor!” with a cheeky grimace. The presumption is Ms. Lovato was referring to Taylor Swift, who is now famously one of Selena’s besties. (Back in 2010, Sel and Demi were going through a rough patch in their own friendship, and this bizarre quote might indicate why. “Bad Blood,” eh?)

  • 2 Selena Gomez
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    Speaking of Ms. Gomez, the “Good for You” songstress typically keeps things cheery, but she couldn’t resist tossing a little diss toward ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2013. In their interview, Dave mentioned he made Justin cry the last time he appeared on the show. And Selena’s iconic response? “Well then, that makes two of us!” It’s September, and we need parkas. PARKAS.

  • 3 Britney Spears
    BritBrit normally keeps her flawless head out of petty drama, but she threw some shade toward her “Pretty Girls” partner Iggy Azalea after the “Fancy” singer blamed “PG” flopping on Britney’s lack of promo. Ms. Spears tweeted, “Can’t wait to get back to Vegas. So thankful I have shows for the rest of the year to look forward to… #YouWantAPieceOfMe” shortly after Iggy posted her harsh words. (Iggy had just announced she was canceling her own Great Escape Tour.)

  • 4 Lady Gaga
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    Gaga rarely comes for other artists, which is why her comments during a 2013 interview with Howard Stern were v. surprising. Howard asked Mother Monster about her rumored “beef” with Madonna, and she replied, “I don’t care that [Madonna] doesn’t like me.” In the same chat, she also quipped, “I don’t want [Madonna’s] f–king throne!” These are some direct, chilly statements, my friends.

  • 5 Beyoncé
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    Queen B has her shady moments, yes, but she seldom makes biznitchy remarks about other divas. However, she did just that in an interview with Complex a few years back. When asked about her alleged rivalry with Rihanna, Bey responded, “I have an authentic, God-given talent, drive, and longevity that will always separate me from everyone else.” Somewhere, RiRi is still crying about these comments.

  • 6 Cher
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    Cher’s Twitter is a tad manic, but she normally has a “peace and love” attitude when it comes to her peers—except during a 1991 interview when she read Madonna so effing hard. “She’s unbelievably creative, because she’s not unbelievably talented,” Cher said. “She’s not beautiful. But she’s kind of…she’s rude.” Damn, goddess. Tell us how you really feel!

  • 7 Kylie Minogue
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    We didn’t think this (impossible) princess was capable of saying anything rude, but she proved us wrong during a 1997 Japanese interview. Kylie was asked to say whether she “loves” or “hates” an assortment of topics, and when the journalist said “Mariah Carey,” Ky responded “hate” with an uncontrollable laugh. Leave it to Ms. Minogue to deliver an insult in the cutest darn way.